TNPA5072 SS Board Repair Kit Panasonic Sanyo

Panasonic Sanyo TNPA5072 SS Board Component Repair Kit including components used to repair common failures on the main SS board. Symptoms include will not turn on and power light will blink 6, 8 or 10 times, board will read short at connector SS11

  • This Repair Kit Includes:
  • Transistors 9
  • Diodes 4
  • Integrated Circuits IC 1

Panasonic TNPA5072 Sanyo TNPA5072 SS Board Component Repair Kit

PLEASE NOTE: You are not purchasing an SS board, only the parts kit needed to repair it.

This saved me a bunch of money. Thank you!

  • This repair kit supplies the parts needed to repair the:
  • Sanyo TNPA5072AF
  • SanyoTNPA5072AE
  • SanyoTNPA5072AH
  • Panasonic TNPA5072AD
  • PanasonicTNPA5072AG
  • PanasonicTXNSS1LNUU (TNPA5072)
  • PanasonicTXNSS1LFUU (TNPA5072AC)
  • PanasonicTXNSS1MFUU (TNPA5072, TNPA5072AB)
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