BN44-00197A Power Supply Repair Kit - Capacitor Repair Kit

BN44-00197A Repair Kit Components

7 capacitors included
Typical failure symptoms addressed by the kit are :
The TV trying to power up only to shut down (failure to start)
The TV taking multiple attempts to power on until it remains on
TV shutting down intermittently

BN44-00197A Power Supply Repair Kit

PLEASE NOTE: You are not purchasing a power supply board, only the capacitors needed to repair it.

I couldn't believe how easy it was. Thank you!


Samsung BN44-00197A Power Supply REPAIR SERVICE

Samsung BN44-00197A Board Repair

This is a repair service option where we fix the board you for you. This is not a replacement board. You must send us your board, make sure it has the correct part number, and make sure the symptom your TV is having matches the symptoms that can be repaired with the repair kit. This service is valid in the US only.

Do not send in the board for repair if it has been tampered with. There is a $25 bench fee for incorrect boards, boards that have been tampered with, and boards that have symptoms other than what the kit repairs

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