Samsung BN97-06551 BN41-01815 T-Con Board Repair Kit

Samsung BN97-06551 BN41-01815 T-Con Board Component Repair Kit including commonly failing components on the Timing Control Board. Symptoms include no video or video goes out a few minutes after power on.

  • Samsung T-Con part numbers this kit repairs:
  • BN95-00628A
  • BN95-00628B
  • BN95-00628C
  • BN95-00708A
  • BN95-00708B
  • BN95-00708C
  • The Repair Kit Includes:
  • Integrated Circuits (1)
  • Capacitors (2)

Samsung BN97-06551C BN41-01815A T-Con Board Repair Kit

PLEASE NOTE: You are not purchasing a T-Con board, only the parts kit needed to repair it.

I didn't think this would really work but it did!

This repair kit supplies the parts needed to repair the T-Con boardBN97-06551C BN41-01815A. Please verify that the board inside your TV matches this T-Con board before ordering.

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