Repair Service For Panasonic TNPA5335

Repair Service For Panasonic TNPA5335

Repair Service For Panasonic TNPA5335

Repair Service For Panasonic TNPA5335

This is a repair service option where we fix the board you for you. This is not a replacement board. You must send us your board, make sure it has the correct part number, and make sure the symptom your TV is having matches the symptoms that can be repaired with the repair kit. This service is valid in the US only.

Do not send in the board for repair if it has been tampered with. There is a $25 bench fee for incorrect boards, boards that have been tampered with, and boards that have symptoms other than what the kit repairs

Thank you so much! I thought this TV was a goner.

This repair service takes care of the common problems on the TNPA5335 Panasonic SC board. Symptoms include: will not turn on and power light will blink 4, 5, 7 or 10 times. SC Board will read short at connector SC2

Terms of use

If your TV's symptom(s) is not listed above then we CAN NOT FIX IT. Please do not purchase this service if your symptom(s) is not listed above. You will be charged a bench fee.

Order Instructions:

  1. Make sure your board is packaged correctly and safely, as TV parts are extremely fragile. We recommend using an ESD bag and/or bubble wrap to minimize static and reduce any movement during shipping.
  2. Ship the board to:
    TV Repair Kit
    107 Drury Ln
    San Antonio, TX 78221
  3. If there are any issues with your board or we are unable to repair it, we will issue you a refund minus the $25 bench fee and return your board. We will initiate your refund and return via email, so please make sure to check your email regularly during this process.


  • Because TVs can have other issues that ruin boards, there are no warranties on this repair. We will repair and test the board the the best of our ability.
  • Please exercise caution when removing and/or replacing your board from your TV. Some TV parts may hold an electrical charge. If you do not feel confident that you can remove and/or replace the TV part safely, please contact your nearest qualified technician.
  • We are not responsible for any harm that may be caused by this board repair service.
  • The Board Repair Service is valid in the US only (US states only, excludes US territories).